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Sunday, 1 July 2018

அயலானின் கடிதங்கள் - Alien Letters

Prof. Dr. Semmal Manavai Mustafa  - Author of the Series 

The Alien Letters Series 

This is a Science Fiction Series of Books written in the Tamil Language Based Upon a common theme by a single author.

Upon completion (2035 AD), this series would be One of the Worlds Largest Series Written till date expanding to 100 Volumes, Containing a total of 10,000 Pages 

The Basic theme goes like this,
2500 Years Before An Alien Spacecraft crash lands at the Western Ghats - the single passenger an Alien Species gets grievously injured - the Alien is treated by Sages (Siddhars - Doctors Practicing Tamil Traditional Medicine) - During the course of treatment the Alien learns the Tamil Language -Upon recovery, Siddhars handover Scripts written in Ancient Tamil, Greek, and Chinese to the Alien and requests it to return to its home planet and teach Tamil other classical languages and their Literature to its own species and not to return to Earth for 25 Centuries - On Completion of the timeline, the Alien returns to the Western Ghats and gets shocked to learn that the Siddhars have left their caves broken for Modernization the gets disheartened by the reality of belittling attitude of the Modern Generation - It then decides to teach the Modern day Humans about the art of Decoding all the Scripts of the Ancient World from Thirukkural to the Iliad -  Five Medical Students, an atheist, a Philosopher, a Language expert, a Doctor and a Psychoendoimmunoneurology Research  Scholar joins the team to conduct the Critical Linguistic Medical Research - the Alien releases the findings as letter format books to the Human race - Upon completion of the 100 Volumes expanding to 10,000 Pages the Alien will leave for its Home-  the World of Medical Education would then change forever creating generations of Doctors oriented to the traditional roots and simultaneously reflecting Excellence in their Philosophical outlook.

As on Date (July 2018) Seven Volumes (700 Pages were Published). 

By Plan, Each Volume of the Series will be Released from a Historical Structure (Natural or  Man-Made) 



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