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Friday, 20 July 2018

Kind Attention of Translators of the Alien Letters - FAQ

Kind Attention of  Translators of the Alien Letters - FAQ

Who can Join as a Co-author in the Project?
Any Human Being able to type in Tamil in Unicode

How Big is the Project?
Alien letters Series will be the Largest Scientific Tamil Book ever written.
It will be published as 100 Volumes extending to 10,000 Pages.
When each volume is ready it will be published in a landmark.
The previous venues have been Eifel Tower, London Bridge, and Buckingham Palace.
Seven Volumes are already published and the series is now crossing 78000+ Words.
Ninety-three more books to be published over the next 20 years.

What is the Uniqueness of the Alien Letter Series of Books?
The content will be in a dialogue format of 10 Different personalities discussing with each other.
Each personality will be different and many pairs will be in the extreme range.
Ying Yang level of thinking is needed  to understand the book
Atheist and Philosophers are extremes of Spiritual Domain
Jaistri and Dhuwaarakaa are extremes of Tamil Nationality Domains
Ezhil  and Malar are extremes of  Tamil Life Sciences

How do the Co-authors communicate with each other?
Via a dedicated WhatsApp group

How do the group operate?
Only messages related to our project should be posted.  
I will post content written by me in English with a code - Example - (ALAAAF) (41 Words)
Any member who has some free time can select any of the messages.
Once selected lock it by replying to that specific message as " I will do it"
You can submit the Tamil translation through the WhatsApp group as a reply message.
We will note down your name and contribution in a dedicated web page which can be visible to all.

What will the Co-author get in return?
1. The message will be posted in Facebook Page
2. We will maintain a yellow page style site to share the details of the Co-authors.
2. Your contribution will be mentioned in the printed book as an annexure.
2. Scientific Tamil Foundation Trust will provide you an Appreciation Certificate mentioning your contribution.
3. Once the books are open for sales Royalty sharing will be done depending upon the sales.

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